• Bresser MikroCam II 12MP USB 3.0 digitális mikroszkóp-kamera 74500
Bresser MikroCam II 12MP USB 3.0 digitális mikroszkóp-kamera Egy modern, digitális mikroszkóp-kameraThe Bresser MikroCamII microscope cameras help to make photos and videos with a microscope very easy.The modern Sony CMOS sensors give brilliant colors with very low noise and is the perfect choice for any application where true natural colors are important. The included imaging software has multiple adjustments for the capture of still images and videos. The integrated measuring routine allows for a measurement in the camera live image. The software can be operated in the following languages: German, English, French, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese. The camera housing includes the C-mount adapter thread. For use with 23.2mm adaptations, we recommend the optional, variable 0.5x reducer. For special applications the camera can also be mounted using the 1/4” camera tripod thread.The Bresser MikroCamII are equipped with a USB 3.0 port, compared to the MikroCam SP. This enables up to 8 times faster data transfers to the PC compared with the USB 2.0 standard. The camera is able to deliver more than 50 frames per second (depending of resolution, exposure time and PC performance). This is especially important when observing live microorganisms. In addition to this, the camera is exceptionally sensitive. Even in low light conditions (high magnifications, contrast methods) the camera can be operated with short exposure times.Features: High quality metal housing Numerous software functions, e.g. measurement, focus-stacking (combines several images for more depth of focus), mosaic (for larger image fields) Image and video capture, incl. time lapse function Good compatibility with different microscopes Highspeed USB 3.0 connection Modern Sony IMX226 sensorThe kit includes: Camera head, USB 3.0 cable 23.2mm adapter, 30mm and 30.5mm adapters Capture and image processing softwareSystem requirements: Personal computer with Windows 7/8/10 (32/64-bit) 2.8GHZ quad-core processor 4GB RAM 2GB free hard drive space CD or DVD drive USB 3.0-portSpecifications: Material: aluminium Data transmission: via USB cable Resolution: 4000x3000 pixel (12MP) Sensor type: CMOS color Image file formats: *.jpg Video formats: *.avi, *.mp4 (codec: H.264) Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10

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Bresser MikroCam II 12MP USB 3.0 digitális mikroszkóp-kamera 74500

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